Trying out the vanX4!

ford 4x4 van

Went out four wheeling on Saturday. I had not used my 4×4 van off the road yet, so I locked it in and worked my way up a few inclines with it… Went up and down some rough-bladed logging-type roads… I tried out the low range, checked the shifting. That van feels confident and solid. As I was going up a rocky trail, I asked my wife what she thought about it. “Mm-hmm” was her answer. I looked over at her, and she was crocheting!

Alfred Hendrickson

I love the van!

I made it home Saturday with my van. I really like it. Thanks for all the help, advice, and putting up with all my questions. It really came out well. You said you could get it done in a week, and you did. I sure appreciate everything all of you did for me. Everywhere I stopped, people were looking at it, not to mention all the girls who tried to jump in!

John Korn

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