GM 4×4 Van Conversions

We have been converting new and used GM vans for dealerships and individuals since 1975. Today, our GM 4×4 conversion process delivers a van that’s safe, reliable, and easy to maintain. Where possible, our conversions utilize original GM OEM parts. All of the components we use are industry standard, easy to find, and built to last. Our GM 4×4 conversions are the best in the industry and can turn your van into the ultimate SUV.

  • On Road Safety
  • Off Road Peace of Mind
  • Superior Handling
  • Maintain Factory Traction Control Systems and Warranty

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GM 4x4 van by Advanced 4WD Systems

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Standard Equipment

Our GM 4×4 van conversions are designed to be invisible. That means when you are in regular driving conditions, your ride quality, handling, and stability will mimic a factory GM Van. To make sure regular maintenance is hassle free, we reuse as many parts of the van’s brakes and steering as possible. While we can customize almost any option to meet your specific needs, our conversions start with our basic standard equipment.

Independent Front Suspension

  • GM 9.25” IFS Front Differential 1
  • Heavy Duty 2 Speed HI-LO Transfer Case
  • Shift on the Fly 4×4  Front Engagement System
  • Spicer Front and Rear Drivelines
  • Heavy Duty GM Torsion Bar Front Suspension
  • In-dash 4X4 Indicator Light
  • Visor Mounted 4×4 Operation Placard
  • Maintains Factory GM Stabilitrak and ABS Systems
  • 0 to 3 Inch Lift

  1. Due to gear ratio incompatibilities, all 2008 and newer GM vans with the Duramax Diesel will require a rear gear ratio change to 3.73.

Tackle Any Terrain with a GM 4×4 Van

Accessories and Specialty Options for GM 4×4 Vans

A GM 4×4 van is truly the ultimate SUV, but no conversion is complete without some of the bells and whistles. Add any of our standard specialty options to your 4×4 GM Van Conversion to make your van truly unique.


  • Aluminess Bumpers
  • Aluminess Roof Racks
  • Aluminess Ladders
  • Off-road Lighting and Light Bars
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Gear Ratio Changes
  • Locking differentials

With 4×4 Vans on every continent in the world we’ve specialized solutions for every type of terrain imaginable. In addition to our standard options packages we can likely meet any special needs you have. Contact us to talk about your specific needs today.

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GM 4×4 Van Conversion Pricing

The base price of a standard GM 4×4 van conversion is around $11,500, but the cost varies based on the year, motor, GVW, chassis, and options package. Generally, the price of a new GM van and our basic conversion is similar to the cost of a new comparably equipped factory 4-wheel drive SUV. For a detailed pricing, contact us directly.

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Converting Your New GM Van to 4×4

If you are looking to buy a new van from any GM dealer and have it converted to four-wheel drive, we have made the process easy. Have your dealer contact us to schedule an appointment or to get our GM drop ship code which will allow them to drop ship your van directly to our facility at no extra cost.

Converting Your Used GM Van to 4×4

Our facility is conveniently located off a major interstate in Salt Lake City, Utah. Call to schedule an appointment for your GM 4×4 van conversion. You can arrange to have your van delivered to our location, or you can drop it off yourself. You’ll get the same components, benefits, and high quality workmanship as our new GM 4×4 van conversion.

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4×4 Van Warranty

Our GM 4×4 van conversions use the highest quality parts and production processes. Because of this dedication to quality, the original GM warranty remains in full effect for all original equipment that is not part of the 4×4 conversion. We provide a warranty on all of our conversion parts and workmanship. Because we always use industry standard parts and components, you’ll be able to enjoy hassle free maintenance and repair for the life of your van.

Long Term Maintenance and Parts

Our GM van 4×4 conversion is designed with simple long-term maintenance in mind. Because we maintain detailed parts lists of every 4×4 van conversion we perform, finding service parts is simple. Either ask us for the original manufacturer’s part number so you can purchase the parts locally, or take advantage of our bulk buying power and save money by buying the parts directly from us. Either way, if your van ever does need repair you can rest assured we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

New GM 4×4 Van Conversion Warranty

On every GM 4×4 Van we provide a 3 Year, 36,000 mile warranty on our conversion parts and workmanship.

Used GM 4×4 Van Conversion Warranty

Used GM 4×4 vans enjoy a 1 Year, 12,000 mile warranty for our conversion parts and workmanship.

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