4×4 Bus, Commercial, and Specialty Vehicles

Commercial Enterprises all over the world know that when you need to move people through challenging terrain a 4×4 bus or other specialty vehicle with a 4×4 conversion is the way to go. Whether it’s snow packed roads in yellowstone, rugged mining roads in South America, or the ice sheets of Antarctica, our 4×4 conversions traverse some of the most challenging terrain in the world. Whether you need a commercial fleet with a single 4×4 bus, or an entire fleet of 4×4 specialty vehicles, we understand how much your organization depends on them. Through years of experience with clients all over the world we have developed a state of the art conversion process that delivers the most durable, easy to maintain, and cost effective four wheel drive conversion on the planet.

  • Long-term Durability
  • Minimal repair down time due to easy parts location and maintenance
  • Increased off-road and extreme weather safety and reliability

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4x4 Shuttle Bus - Alta Shuttle

4×4 Bus and 4×4 Commercial Specialty Vehicle Standard Equipment

Whether you need a 4×4 bus or other 4×4 commercial vehicle, our four wheel drive conversions are designed to maximize ROI. With over 40 years of experience converting buses and other commercial vehicles, we source only industry standard parts that will meet the needs of even the most demanding applications. In addition to being durable, the parts we use are always common enough that they’ll be easy to locate when performing repairs which will ensure minimal down time. In most cases, we reuse as many of the OEM parts as possible, including steering and brakes, so that regular maintenance is a simple as possible.

4×4 Bus and Commercial  Vehicle Standard Equipment

Standard equipment on 4×4 buses and commercial vehicles can vary drastically based on your underlying chassis and engine configuration.  We offer both monobeam and  independent front suspension conversions, but availability will be determined by your underlying chassis.  Regardless of the front suspension options available, all of our 4×4 Buses come with the following standard options:

  • Heavy Duty Hi/Lo Transfer Case
  • In-dash 4×4 Indicator Light
  • Visor Mounted 4×4 Operation Placard
  • Heavy Duty Front Drive Components
  • Spicer Drivelines
  • Maintains Factory Warranty, Stability Control, and ABS Systems
4x4 School Bus

Accessories and Specialty Options

During our 40 years in business we’ve met the specialized needs of clients worldwide. If our standard options and accessories don’t meet your specific needs, we can likely design a solution that will. Contact us today talk about your van, or request a free conversion quote now.


Most 4×4 conversions start around $11,500, but commercial vehicles have many configurations and requirements, so we’ll need to get more details to accurately price your four wheel drive conversion. For detailed pricing, contact us directly, or request a free conversion quote now.

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4×4 Conversion Warranty

The highest quality parts and production processes are used in our Ford 4×4 conversions which has earned us a place as a an authorized converter for Ford, Nissan, and GM. As a result, your original van warranty remains in full effect for all original equipment parts. Even though Ford won’t warranty components specific to the conversion, we fill the gap with a warranty on all of our conversion parts and workmanship. Because we always use industry standard parts and components, you’ll be able to enjoy hassle free maintenance and repair for the life of your van.

Long Term Maintenance and Parts

Our 4×4 conversions are designed with hassle free maintenance in mind. We maintain a detailed parts lists of every 4×4 conversion we perform, so finding service parts is easy. Either ask us for the original manufacturer’s part number so you can purchase the parts locally, or take advantage of our bulk buying power and save money by ordering the parts directly from us. Repairs are uncommon, but you can rest easy knowing that our conversions are designed to have you back on the road quickly.

New Vehicle 4×4 Conversion Warranties

New vehicles include a 3 Year, 36,000 mile warranty on our conversion parts and workmanship.

Used Vehicle 4×4 Conversion Warranties

Used vehicles enjoy a 1 Year, 12,000 mile warranty for our conversion parts and workmanship.

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