Specialty Vehicle 4×4 Conversions

Specialty Vehicle 4×4 Conversions, Custom Conversions to Meet Your Specific Needs

Advanced Four Wheel Drive converts much more than just 4×4 vans. In fact, no company on earth does more types of 4×4 conversions than Advanced Four Wheel Drive Systems. Whether you are the manager of an enormous national park looking for 4×4 conversions for your shuttle buses that can handle extreme road and weather conditions, or just an outdoor enthusiast who wants his RV to reach the most secluded camping spots in the world, our 4×4 conversions are the answer. If you are looking for 4×4 buses, 4×4 shuttles, 4×4 ambulances, 4×4 RVs, 4×4 motorhomes or need 4×4 conversions for any other van chassis based vehicle, we’ve got you covered.  Just call or request a quote online today.

Our Unmatched Reputation

Advanced Four Wheel Drive specializes in converting Ford, GM, and Nissan vans to 4WD. Our longstanding relationship with these manufacturers makes converting your new or used van a simple, efficient process. After our conversion, Ford, GM, and Nissan will still honor the original factory warranty. Few companies have this kind of trust and respect from these major manufacturers.

Advantages of Specialty Vehicle 4×4 Conversions

  • Improved Turning Radius
  • Steering Control Unmatched In The Industry
  • Constant Load Suspension
  • Increased Traction and Safety
  • Improved Stability In Adverse Weather Conditions
  • More Gear, Cargo, and Passenger Capacity Than the Largest SUV’s.

A Specialty Vehicle 4×4 Conversions is Ideal For:

  • Ski Resorts
  • Oil Field Exploration
  • Extreme Off-Road Conditions
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • School Buses
  • Resort Shuttles
  • Back Country Tours
  • Crew Transportation

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